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22/4: Zebra

Would you guess that this sketch was based on a toy or photo? It seems obvious to me that it’s from a toy, but then, I saw the toy.


22/1: Toy people

Monumental scale for these little people.  I love how the male character on the left seems to be ogling the female in the middle. Totally accidental, I swear!

13/3: After the party

Cleaning up after some mama friends and their little ones came for a visit, I noticed the interesting juxtaposition of the adults’ coffee accouterments and the girls’ playthings.

I can’t seem to put the camera down for the pencil this week.

11/2: Castle

Something that continues to surprise me is how often I begin a drawing, only to be surprised that the subject I chose is more challenging to sketch than I expected.

7/3: Scorpion

More of the same work on pace, with a giant toy arachnid this time around. One area I need to work on is placement– I tend to run off the left side of the page.

7/2: Grasshopper

Still working on last week’s goal, working to improve the pace of my sketching. Here’s one of my kids’ giant insect toys.