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1/5: Shaded one-minute lamp

I thought a quick, loose shading style made the most sense as the original drawing from earlier this week was done in one minute.


1/4: Painted continuous line lamp

The original sketch reminded me of something out of a children’s picture book, so I tried to paint it in that fashion.

1/3: Drawing class exercise lamps

Some good old-fashioned college art class exercises as I try to get into the swing of this project: the sketch on the left is a continuous line drawing, while the one of the right was completed in sixty seconds. They were so quick, one wasn’t satisfying. So here’s two.

1/2: Painted lamp

One of my primary goals with this project is to improve my prospectus sketches for mosaic clients. To this end, I’ll spend some time working to on my painting technique and color replication skills.

1/1: Week of the tabletop lamp

I thought I’d start out with the same object, rendered in several different themes or styles. Here we go…