Archive | February 2012

3/3: One pint


3/2: Climbing equipment

Two views of our backyard.

3/1: Toothpaste

Starting to feel like I might be hitting my groove and maybe this project is not completely insane after all.

2/5: Watercolor exercises

After the week’s frustrations, I wanted something easy and fun for today, and a little color to liven things up. I spent the morning working on this series of watercolor brush control exercises– they were much harder than I anticipated! But I did gain a bit of control over the brush as I went along, as well as a sense of which brushes worked better for the effects I was attempting.

2/4: Pears

This is the first sketch I truly wanted to tear up and start over. But I invested entirely too much time in it to trash it for something perhaps easier and more satisfying. I keep telling myself that this is the week, or weeks, I look back on to see how far I’ve come.

2/3: Tulips

The buds of the tulips my husband brought home on Valentine’s Day have just begun to show themselves.

2/2: Soap

I draw too lightly. I know this from instructor after instructor critiquing me on this quality of my sketches. But today the scanner repeated that lesson when I made my first attempt to scan this image. So I drew over the original sketch in a softer, darker pencil. It feels unnaturally heavy to me, but perhaps my technique will improve over time.