Archive | May 2012

16/2, 16/3: Uncle Max

This is our cat, Uncle Max, so named because he was uncle to one of our other cats. He was a huge, sensuous, gorgeous cat with a surprisingly cute voice. He was needy and demanding, and adored a lap and ice cream more than anything else in the world. He also liked to drink from the bathroom sink, as you can see from the water on his head in the photo. He had the fluffiest tail and the longest whiskers I’ve ever seen on a cat.


16/1: Persistence

This is the second completed mosaic sketch of the two I started a few weeks ago. The materials are smalti and concrete, both new for me. I worked on this piece oriented horizontally, but I think the vertical orientation makes a more powerful statement. Which way do you prefer?

15/6: Views from above

We took the kids out of town for a couple days. These are views from our hotel window. I love the deep morning shadows.

15/3, 15/4, 15/5: Skyline

This is a sketch for my next mosaic project. Each time I work out a piece like this, I’m so impressed at how much the process contributes to the finished project. In this case, color and scale are two areas of the mosaic I think will be improved by having made the sketch. I also learned a few things about watercolor technique here, and if the watercolor were the intended final piece, I would probably do it over again with those lessons in mind. As a sketch for a mosaic project, however, it serves it purpose well.

15/2: Rift

This is one of the completed mosaic sketches I first posted about a few weeks ago. I’m playing with negative space here, pulling it into the design. The color combination is new for me, too.

14/4,14/5: Self Service

This abandoned gas station is not too far from my house, in a tucked away, poverty-stricken part of the city.