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32/2: More apples

Another image from our apple picking trip.


32/1: Apples

Between a new fall preschool and homeschool classes schedule, two birthdays, and lots of fun family outings, the drawing project has taken a backseat for the time being. Not to worry, the creativity continues! Photography fits a bit more easily into the schedule these days, so I thought I’d share a few. This one is from an apple picking trip.

19/1, 19/2: Gladiolus

There were glads in the gardening beds in the front yard of our house when we first moved in, mostly pink with a few reds. They didn’t look quite right there, so I moved them around the yard a few times until I settled on a sunny corner in the back yard. It’s such a cheerful spot when the glads are in bloom alongside the sunny yellow canna lilies and yarrow.

I thought I’d give colored pencils another go with this one. I went a little heavy with the pink in the top petal, the first one I did, but I like how the rest came out.

Week 18/ Sketch 1: More pears and bananas

When I showed my husband last week’s fruit sketch, he commented that the style of the drawing looked like it would work well in watercolor, thus inspiring this piece.

17/5: Pears and bananas

The more I work in this style, the more potential I see in it. Very excited to see where I can go next with this!

7/5: Flowers and flip-flops

My mother calls this little pink flower “oxalis”, my husband calls it “buffalo clover”, and I call it “obnoxious.” It multiplies like crazy, crowding out any other low-lying bedding plants. My son picked this little bouquet today, and I gave it the speed treatment. I drew this right after dinner, so the flowers are mostly closed up for the evening. With this sketch, I thought I might be getting a little more comfortable with speedy sketching…

…until I got to this drawing. I’m frustrated at the stiff, blocky feel of this sketch, but I’m hopeful that practice, practice, practice will win out in the end, helping me develop a smoother, more confident line in my drawings.