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31/5: Dreaming pup in bamboo

This is an attempt to take the same drawing, but turn it into a composition.


31/4: Sleeping pup returns

Same drawing as yesterday, I just went over it in pen. It did not go quite as well or easily as I expected after all these weeks of working with drawing pens.


31/3: Sleeping pup

I felt an urge to draw something from life, and the rounded form of our sleeping dog fit the bill.


24/1: Zebra, reprise

I drew this in response to the toy zebra I drew a few weeks ago. The toy sketch felt rather unsatisfying, so this time I drew from yet another of my children’s books. This is not continuous line, as so many of my recent quicker sketches have been, but I did draw quickly without much in the way of reworking problem areas.

22/4: Zebra

Would you guess that this sketch was based on a toy or photo? It seems obvious to me that it’s from a toy, but then, I saw the toy.

21/5: Continuous line giraffes

Another one from one of the kids’ books.

19/5: Sunday afternoon

A few moments from a walk in the city on a sunny and hot weekend afternoon.