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30/5: Landscape grout samples

These small pieces are going to be grout samples for the mountain landscape. I’ve been trying to make the grout samples works of art in and of themselves, rather than just throw-away pieces intended only to test grout colors. The designs of the coral piece on the left and the green and blue abstract in the middle are both directly influenced by the drawings I’ve been doing lately for the sketch portion of this project.

I’ve been working in primarily ceramic for over a year now, and I’m really enjoying this return to stained glass. I love the depth and variety of color in each piece of glass.


30/4: Mountain landscape

These are a few work-in-progress shots of my most recent mosaic commission.  In the lower image I’m working out the grading of both the size and color of the tesserae comprising the sunset.


22/5: Grout samples

The two small pieces on the left are grout samples. Do you recognize the skyline on the right? I made the mini-version of the original first, then decided I wanted to try something different. I like the effect of the stripes, the way you can almost tell it’s inspired by a landscape. Once they have dried for at least 24 hours, I can grout the samples in two different colors to help decide what color to use for the final piece.

20/5: Bird mosaic sketch

This is another small mosaic sketch, inspired by a line of birds on a wire. I’m working with materials of different heights here, trying to create something with lots of depth and texture.

15/3, 15/4, 15/5: Skyline

This is a sketch for my next mosaic project. Each time I work out a piece like this, I’m so impressed at how much the process contributes to the finished project. In this case, color and scale are two areas of the mosaic I think will be improved by having made the sketch. I also learned a few things about watercolor technique here, and if the watercolor were the intended final piece, I would probably do it over again with those lessons in mind. As a sketch for a mosaic project, however, it serves it purpose well.

11/5: Works in progress

These pieces are mosaic sketches, small works that allow me to work out a new idea or try out a new material. The top piece is stained glass. At first I thought I might not grout it, but as I work through it, I think grout will enhance the rhythm. The bottom piece is smalti, a handmade opaque glass that is generally left ungrouted. This is my first attempt at working in this material.

I’m also experimenting with photographing my work here. Photographing flat work in an engaging fashion can be a challenge. I made a homemade lightbox from an old cardboard box and some tissue paper, and I’m pretty excited with the results!