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8/1: Lessons in aerodynamics

This started out as making spring decorations with the kids, and ended in a spontaneous collaborative design session between my son, my husband, and myself.

My husband made the first bunny plane, on the left, and my son folded another bunny face in a similar fashion. The next morning, as we sat around the breakfast table sipping coffee and slurping cereal, my son was frustrated by the unimpressive flights of the first two planes. I tried to improve the aerodynamics with a more linear design. This plane does a nice loop-the-loop! Finally, my husband folded the nearly traditional plane on the right, capable of the straight, speedy flight of a jet.


6/2: Robo-cat in color

As long as I sharpened all those colored pencils, I thought I might as well put them to use. I like the results of working in colored pencil, but it didn’t provide the challenge I’m looking for. Not to say my technique couldn’t improve, but it came too easily and was too much fun.

My son decided to try his hand at this one as well. His more true-to-life version reveals the aesthetic change I made.

3/5: Hot rod

Thought I’d try my hand at rendering one of my kids’ toy cars in watercolor. I don’t quite have the¬†spontaneity¬†of the medium down, but it’s a start. I think my 5-year-old better captured the spirit of the car…