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14/3: Further studies in drapery

Continuing my obsession from last week with contour lines to express folds of fabric. While I was working on this piece, I started reading an article about Civil War battlefield sketches in the latest National Geographic. While I labor over each static fold, spending an afternoon on just one towel, the special artists of the Civil War whipped out a sketch of an active battle scene or busy military campsite, no one posing so they could get is just right, filling in the final details by campfire light. I found it mind-boggling.


13/5: Lines lines lines

This is one of those sketches I’d rather not post. But I’m really trying to show the whole journey, so here you go. The idea was to do another drapery study, using contour lines to show the folds. Didn’t work out quite the way I expected. Since I’m a little obsessed with line and the way it can be used, I tried something else. I drew out an abstract from, divided it into sub-shapes and added lines. I quite like the results, plus it was fun.

13/4: Drapery study

Thought I’d try my hand at drapery, in the form of a kitchen towel. In my efforts to loosen up, I used cross hatching for the shading of the folds.