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19/5: Sunday afternoon

A few moments from a walk in the city on a sunny and hot weekend afternoon.




15/6: Views from above

We took the kids out of town for a couple days. These are views from our hotel window. I love the deep morning shadows.

14/4,14/5: Self Service

This abandoned gas station is not too far from my house, in a tucked away, poverty-stricken part of the city.

13/1: Staples

I came across this telephone pole covered in old flyer staples while out with my son today. It didn’t have as many staples as some I’ve seen, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

4/4: View from above

I took the kids down to the Capitol today to take part in a peaceful protest of recent attacks on women’s rights. (At about :30 into the linked video¬†, my 2-year-old daughter runs cheerfully across the screen in a rainbow tie-dyed shirt.) As a little incentive for the kids, we first stopped by the observation deck of City Hall.

Coming soon!

As I near the finish line of my 2011 365 project, Year in Blue, I realize I’m nowhere near ready to give up the daily creativity. Look for new posts for my 2012 project starting some time in mid-February.