Archive | June 2012

20/5: Bird mosaic sketch

This is another small mosaic sketch, inspired by a line of birds on a wire. I’m working with materials of different heights here, trying to create something with lots of depth and texture.


20/3, 20/4: Terracotta Warrior

The June edition of National Geographic featured an article on an army of life-sized statues buried in a Chinese emperor’s tomb. As I flipped through the magazine, hoping for some sketch inspiration, this photo caught my eye. And without even intending to do so, I drew my first human face for this project! I could have spent another day on this sketch, but that would be counter-productive to my current goal of working smoothly and quickly.

20/2: Gargoyle

This guy has been with me a long time. He’s a candlestick holder, copied from one of the gargoyles of Notre Dame. On a high school class trip to Boston, a friend and I discovered the most wonderful dark, dusty little store selling trinkets and T-shirts of gargoyles, skulls and gravestones. I think most of my souvenir money for the trip ended up in that shop.

20/1: Medicine Cabinet

This is one of the shelves in our bathroom medicine cabinet. My son often asks what I’m drawing, and my usual response is to ask in return what he thinks I might be drawing. This time he answered, “They look like buildings.” I love hearing his take on the world.

19/5: Sunday afternoon

A few moments from a walk in the city on a sunny and hot weekend afternoon.



19/4: Doodles

Feeling a bit under the weather the last few days, so I thought I’d try something fun and easy.

19/3: Plates and bowls

Sometime I can save a sketch that doesn’t start out well, but not this time. I’m trying to see it as a study in composition and perspective, rather than another still-life floating in space as I’ve done so many times for this project.