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22/3: Muffin pan


This is the bottom of a vintage muffin pan that once belonged to my great-grandmother. I feel like this may be the seed of a better idea, either inspiration for a spin-off or re-doing the same image in another medium.


20/1: Medicine Cabinet

This is one of the shelves in our bathroom medicine cabinet. My son often asks what I’m drawing, and my usual response is to ask in return what he thinks I might be drawing. This time he answered, “They look like buildings.” I love hearing his take on the world.

19/3: Plates and bowls

Sometime I can save a sketch that doesn’t start out well, but not this time. I’m trying to see it as a study in composition and perspective, rather than another still-life floating in space as I’ve done so many times for this project.

18/3: Sink

I love the decorative quality of this continuous line style of drawing, especially in the faucet and toothbrushes.

18/2: Shower

One of my less successful attempts at producing something interesting in a quick, simple style, but I like the interplay of the horizontal and the vertical.

17/1: Continuous line week!

I meant it when I said I really like working in this style, so how about a week of it? You might recognize some of these objects from a previous post.

16/4: Domestic doodle

This started out as quick, continuous line drawings of flatware, and turned into a study of some of my artistic interests: domestic items and visual patterns.