Archive | March 2012

7/5: Flowers and flip-flops

My mother calls this little pink flower “oxalis”, my husband calls it “buffalo clover”, and I call it “obnoxious.” It multiplies like crazy, crowding out any other low-lying bedding plants. My son picked this little bouquet today, and I gave it the speed treatment. I drew this right after dinner, so the flowers are mostly closed up for the evening. With this sketch, I thought I might be getting a little more comfortable with speedy sketching…

…until I got to this drawing. I’m frustrated at the stiff, blocky feel of this sketch, but I’m hopeful that practice, practice, practice will win out in the end, helping me develop a smoother, more confident line in my drawings.


7/4: Baskets and pets

I felt certain I had the placement down this time, then I decided the baskets looked funny floating in space and drew in the chair.  In this case, though, I think it adds interest to the composition.


After the baskets, I turned my attention to our pets, snoozing peacefully. Surely this was a different challenge to the idea of fast-paced drawing than the household objects I’ve been sketching. But a sleeping pet is not exactly a still pet, and this was all I could get before they changed positions.

7/3: Scorpion

More of the same work on pace, with a giant toy arachnid this time around. One area I need to work on is placement– I tend to run off the left side of the page.

7/2: Grasshopper

Still working on last week’s goal, working to improve the pace of my sketching. Here’s one of my kids’ giant insect toys.

7/1: Metal studio

I’ve been feeling like I’m neglecting my camera since my 2011 project ended and this new one began. So this afternoon I challenged myself with some low light photos in our metal studio.

6/5: Further quickness

More quick sketches. I’m not limiting myself to a specific time, but I’m trying to work faster than I usually do. I also thought I’d add a little volume today. These two drawings took less time than my usual one drawing per day.

6/4: Moving quickly

I decided I need to challenge myself  by working on some quick drawings. I’ve fallen back into a long-time pattern of softly and slowly sketching out each drawing, then gradually filling it in, adding volume and depth. Which is fine, except it’s so sssslllooowww. I can see a lot of benefits to being able to work faster and looser, so I’m going to give it a try. Not thrilled with the results so far, but it’s a starting place.


The two items on the right are a white  vinyl eraser and a grey kneaded eraser. Sort of wish I had left them out, but they filled the space nicely.