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19/1, 19/2: Gladiolus

There were glads in the gardening beds in the front yard of our house when we first moved in, mostly pink with a few reds. They didn’t look quite right there, so I moved them around the yard a few times until I settled on a sunny corner in the back yard. It’s such a cheerful spot when the glads are in bloom alongside the sunny yellow canna lilies and yarrow.

I thought I’d give colored pencils another go with this one. I went a little heavy with the pink in the top petal, the first one I did, but I like how the rest came out.


6/2: Robo-cat in color

As long as I sharpened all those colored pencils, I thought I might as well put them to use. I like the results of working in colored pencil, but it didn’t provide the challenge I’m looking for. Not to say my technique couldn’t improve, but it came too easily and was too much fun.

My son decided to try his hand at this one as well. His more true-to-life version reveals the aesthetic change I made.