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16/1: Persistence

This is the second completed mosaic sketch of the two I started a few weeks ago. The materials are smalti and concrete, both new for me. I worked on this piece oriented horizontally, but I think the vertical orientation makes a more powerful statement. Which way do you prefer?


11/5: Works in progress

These pieces are mosaic sketches, small works that allow me to work out a new idea or try out a new material. The top piece is stained glass. At first I thought I might not grout it, but as I work through it, I think grout will enhance the rhythm. The bottom piece is smalti, a handmade opaque glass that is generally left ungrouted. This is my first attempt at working in this material.

I’m also experimenting with photographing my work here. Photographing flat work in an engaging fashion can be a challenge. I made a homemade lightbox from an old cardboard box and some tissue paper, and I’m pretty excited with the results!