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23/1-23/5: Brothers

It occurred to me that I really should be posting these multi-day drawings in reverse order. Like a resume, put the newest, most interesting work first! These boys are my nephews. I love this sweet moment, the older brother leading and keeping a watchful eye on his sibling, the younger following but pulling back a bit to assert his independence.


21/1, 21/2, 21/3: Up the stairs

I’m loving the continuous line and loose drawing style I’ve been working in lately, but it’s been awhile since I did a sketch inspired by a photo. This one is my son at age 4 at the end of a walk along the James River.

20/3, 20/4: Terracotta Warrior

The June edition of National Geographic featured an article on an army of life-sized statues buried in a Chinese emperor’s tomb. As I flipped through the magazine, hoping for some sketch inspiration, this photo caught my eye. And without even intending to do so, I drew my first human face for this project! I could have spent another day on this sketch, but that would be counter-productive to my current goal of working smoothly and quickly.