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25/2: Line repetition, day 2

In this sketch, I varied the line width, as in the last piece from Day 1, except for lines parallel to the edges of the paper, creating a framing effect that allows the center design to stand out on its own.

Here I kept the lines parallel but brought them closer together as I filled in each section.

In this one, lines parallel to the edges are wide apart, while all others are close together.


25/1: Line repetition, day 1

This week’s series was inspired by another drawing class assignment. In the movie of my life, this would be the week viewers begin to question my sanity. I could not stop making these drawings! The top one is the first one with which I felt at all satisfied.

The original assignment starts off with three random lines. Here I experimented with a few more random lines.

This time I tried varying the width between lines, starting out narrow and growing wider toward the opposite end.

24/6: Op art, day 5

Today felt like it finally all came together. The first piece is a combination of the muffin pan pattern and the topographic pattern. The second piece is the final version of many filled-in versions of the topographic piece. I really liked the topo sketch, but felt it needed something more.

An interesting side note to this series is how different the thought process is for creating these drawings than for sketches of real life objects. These drawings relied strongly on logic and order and pattern in such a way that, at times, I thought I might have some sense of the way medieval European monks and nuns used drawing as a type of meditation.

24/5: Op art, day 4

A few with curvy lines. The bottom one reminds me of graffiti.

24/4: Op art, day 3

Most of these are not as quick as they might look to complete, but I’m having so much fun with them that I can’t stop at one. The top one reminds me of an improved version of the topographic sketch I did quite awhile ago.

24/3: Op Art, day 2

Yesterday’s sketches seemed incomplete, so I tried filling them in a bit.

24/2: Op Art week, day 1

I came across some op art, or optical art, exercises and thought the style was both a nice balance to the value-driven drawings I’ve been doing and a way to work on improving the confidence of my line. Not only is the emphasis of these sketches line, but I worked in marker– no chance to erase! Though I did toss quite a few drawings over the week when I made mistakes. I was especially excited about the bottom sketch as it repeats the muffin pan pattern I drew a few weeks ago.