Archive | September 2012

32/3: Pond

This one is from a camping trip. My son and I shared a lovely hike around this pond near our campsite one evening.


32/2: More apples

Another image from our apple picking trip.

32/1: Apples

Between a new fall preschool and homeschool classes schedule, two birthdays, and lots of fun family outings, the drawing project has taken a backseat for the time being. Not to worry, the creativity continues! Photography fits a bit more easily into the schedule these days, so I thought I’d share a few. This one is from an apple picking trip.

31/5: Dreaming pup in bamboo

This is an attempt to take the same drawing, but turn it into a composition.

31/4: Sleeping pup returns

Same drawing as yesterday, I just went over it in pen. It did not go quite as well or easily as I expected after all these weeks of working with drawing pens.


31/3: Sleeping pup

I felt an urge to draw something from life, and the rounded form of our sleeping dog fit the bill.


31/2: Final grouting

I decided no one grout color would work equally well for both the bottom and top portions of this piece. In order to apply different colors of grout to each portion, I covered the section that wasn’t being grouted in masking tape.

Relatively simple for this particular piece, although some of the angles of the mountain proved a bit challenging to get just right.

Here’s the entire series of samples and finished landscape.